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Prompt Starters

  • I want to code a faithful Pong clone running in the browser. It looks and acts like the original game. It keeps score starting at 0 for each player. Player One uses a/z keys for up/down. Player two uses k/m keys for up/down. The first player to 10 wins. The ball starts in the middle and begins moving in a random direction at a playable slow speed. Slowly over time the ball speeds up for increasing challenge. A player scores 1 point when the ball touches the wall behind the other player. The paddles move up and down at a consistent speed smoothly. After a win, present a button in the middle to start a NEW GAME. The Pong play area is white and occupies 75% of the current browser window. The play area is bordered with a black rectangular line that is the same thickness as the paddles. The play area resizes proportionately if the browser window is resized. The paddles and ball are simple black like the traditional game.
  • I need a website Resume that is clear, engaging, attractive, concise and professional. It needs to emphasize the value of my particular skill set. It should appear modern and incorporate text, images, relevant links and anything else I need to include.

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